How To Restore Your #shitshield

“It can be really hard to stay motivated when you’re scrubbing the toilets and someone is shitting in a Lego box but, I keep going” – Julia Kerr

12920489_616839751798846_1710419565065985611_n (1)

I’m the mum.
I’m strong. I’m a bit of a hero.
I’m not a great cook but I give it a good go. I hate the laundry but you always have clean clothes.

It can be really hard to stay motivated when you’re scrubbing the toilets and someone is shitting in a lego box but, I keep going.

You are my family. I love you. I will do anything for you. I will give up my share of dinner if youre still hungry.
You see, I’m assisted by universal parent magic. Its called a shit-shield and it protects me from your eye-rolls, tantrums & the inevitable “I hate you” and allows me to keep loving you unconditionally, even when you are being completely ridiculous.

It means I wont totally lose my shit when I find folded clothes in the washing pile. It means I wont take it personally when you lie because I know I taught you better than that. With the power of the shit-shield, I can forgive you for hitting me with the door instead of holding it open for me. You dont have to thank me for making your lunch at 6am and I wont breakdown when you tell me it was gross anyway.

The shit-shield is a neccesary tool, developed when raising children to allow you to become a self-sacrificing and devoted parent despite the naturally selfish actions of your kids & the soul-destroying shit you get thrown at you. Even though 85% of the time your children dont give a fuck about your feelings right now, you can carry on knowing that eventually, everything will sink in & they will grow into respectful, confident adults.
The kryptonite to your shitshield however, is sleep deprivation.
Inevitably, your shield will crack under the weight of it and you become vulnerable.
You know, that kind of vulnerability that comes when you havent slept for 3 days and you put your child down for a nap and crawl into bed praying that they will go sleep. Then suddenly, your bedroom door flys open and there stands a tiny tyrant wearing everything he owns, astride a broom, wielding a plastic sword.
And then the fucking dogs start barking and youve run out of milk and the world ends.

You feel unloved & unappreciated, lonely & forgotten.
You sit on the couch, immortalzing bohemian rhapsody, convinced you are more of a liability than a hero;
Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.

Sleep deprivation is no joke.

You need to repair your shield.
The best way you can do this is to build yourself a dont-give-a-fuck-fort. In there you will find all the tools required for shield restoration.
Get some “superglue” (wine/coffee/chocolate) and hide in there all day long. Call in reinforcements or pass on the responsibility of parenting to your significant other who may work hard but has definitely had more sleep than you. Take a nap. Call your friends. Emerge when you’re ready, armed with your restored shit-shield, ready to rule again like a the hero you are

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